Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wow! Has it really been a week since I last posted something? At least time flies in Blogger Land!

Anyways, I've been enjoying the week with my Mom. She left today, and as with every visit since Dave's deployment, I'm always struck with a profound sense of loneliness when she leaves. Not only does she bring relief in the form of this . . .

but it's just so wonderful to have adult company in the house! How quickly I forget what it's like to bask in the warmth of my family. When my mom visits, not only does she bless me with an extra pair of hands, but her smile, sense of humor, and companionship fills such a void in my house and my heart. I'm always sad to see her go, but this year, seeing her Impala drive off marks the return of this emptiness that I'm starting to despise more and more as the deployment continues.

We contemplated going out for this meal or that meal, but honestly, it was perfect just to cook at home, enjoy a glass of wine, and eat foods that I rarely buy for the kids and myself. I sat at the table rather than my typical, eat standing at the counter, fashion. We watched TV, something I rarely do alone(I introduced my mom to Clean House, knowing that she would be jealous of those who get the clean those filthy homes!), and she even drove to the store to purchase hot fudge in our quest to fill that nagging, late night, sweet tooth.

We browsed the flowers at Home Depot, and worked on a "man project" together.

She took photos of my kids, something even I'm getting too tired to do, and she sat with me next to the pool.

She shopped with me at Target, and gave me "thumbs up" to my new threads.

We laughed with Olga at IHOP, and commented on the buff, young man at Home Depot.

We agreed that Lands End has too much "bust" in their bathing suits this year. Then again, it could be the people who are wearing the suits rather than the ones who are making them.

She made me laugh and for a few days, feel like a "normal" family again. Thanks so much, Mom. Your visits mean the world to me!

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