Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ok. So some people may not find this too funny, but I thought it was worth a photo.
My oldest told me to "Hurry Mom! James is smoking!"
My mind first went to that scene in Nanny McPhee, where they are about to cook the baby in the stew.
"What are the doing to my baby? Have they some how managed to light a fire around him or something?"
Sounds crazy, but with boys you never really know what they are getting in to.
I relaxed, somewhat,when he started to yell again, telling me to "BRING THE CAMERA!"
If it was too naughty, the child would not want to be photographed.
So up I went with my camera, and once I made certain my oldest had removed the caps from the marker, I caught the baby . . .

just as he was exhaling!

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