Friday, May 08, 2009

It's funny how when kids are little you think "This is soooo hard! I'm never going to sleep again, I can't figure out how to shower, I'll never eat a meal that's not stone cold, etc". You yearn for things to return to some sort of normalcy so that they will be "easy" again. Soon they start to sleep, you get a nice shower every morning, and everyone enjoys a warm meal around the dinner table.

You even remember to brush your teeth before you head out to preschool drop-off.

Life is easy again, or at least easier.

Then they start to grow and things become a whole new kind of hard. Coupled with the ability to walk, talk, and have an opinion, things can be challenging.

It's even harder when you are on your own. I miss my partner in child rearing. My sounding board and honestly, the more effective disciplinarian. Nothing seems to bring my kids back to reality faster than the sound of my husband's voice. Trying to issue a punishment with a baby hanging on your boob is just not as threatening as a big, tall, puffed-up Daddy standing in the doorway.

My oldest did something last night that went beyond naughty. It was just plain mean and potentially very, physically hurtful. His outburst of anger not only made me furious, but it scared me as well.

It also woke up the baby, which takes a MaMa to a whole 'nother level!

Then it got worse.

"You have lost your privilege to do this and that this weekend."

"I don't care. Actually, I don't ever want to go there again."

I was hoping for a more dramatic reaction to let me know that I had been effective, but I got nothing. Not even a flinch.

He continued this morning with his "I don't care" attitude so I took away another privilege.


Things are starting to happen with him that make me wonder "What do I do?"

Not listening.

More crappy grades in math.

Still the greatest kid in the world when he wants to be.

And I thought sleepless nights and showerless days were rough?

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Adventures In Babywearing said...

I am SO THERE right now. Oh my goodness. I was thinking the baby stages were rough but THIS stage? Pretty scary, if you ask me.