Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What I had planned for the day, or at least until noon.

1. Get kids off to school.

2. Enjoy hot cup of Wild Blueberry coffee. Keurig . . . . ahhhhhh. . . .

3. Shower

4. Feed James and Anna.

5. Head to store and pick up something yummy for dinner. My Mom is coming so I enjoy cooking when there is someone to enjoy the fruits of my labor.

6. Wash the bed sheets where my mom will be sleeping.

What I am doing instead:

1. Keeping one home today who most likely has pink eye.

2. Going to the doctor's.

3. Washing urine soaked sheets. The sheets for Nanny's bed are going to have to wait.

4. Cold coffee. No time to sit today and enjoy much of anything.

5. Scrounging around for something to make for dinner so I don't have to go to the store.

6. Wondering when I'm going to shower. Maybe when my Mom gets here?

7. Still loving life, and remembering that flexibility is the key for survival when it comes to motherhood.

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