Saturday, April 04, 2009

Beautiful spring

Not a cloud in the sky.


Amy said...

To answer your question from the other day, here's what worked from the cookbook:
We liked the albondigas soup, the graham cracker ice cream sandwiches, the strawberry yogurt popsicles, white bean mac and cheese, and avocado dip. Martina licked the bowl, but she does like regular guacamole if it's not spicy. We did not like those chicken kabobs (they had pureed pineapple in them). My SIL loved the chicken nuggets with broccoli, but we didn't like them too much. I know there were more things. I'll let you know. The best thing the cookbook did for me was get a bunch of purees in my freezer, so I can now be creative and use them in other dishes too.

What I didn't like about the rival cookbook was the purees--they were complicated with about 4 of 5 different veggies in each. I will SO never make time to make them.

Rach said...

My big Anna is getting! How is she doing?