Friday, February 27, 2009

Looking at this photo, I thought that you could use some "green" now that spring is right around the corner.
Today, at the bus stop, I noticed that the magnolia trees are starting to bloom. Tiny, white flowers are beginning to emerge, and that means that other flowers are not too far behind. Green stems are poking through the ground, and soon their yellow daffodil petals will open. Tiny, purple crocus are already visible all over the neighborhood. You know how much I love flowers so I'm giddy with excitement and relief that warm weather is on its way.

Do you remember helping me plant all of those bulbs in Michigan? Lifting the dirt so I could toss them in? You were so tired, so ready to be done with the yard for the day, and I had one more request. "Can you please help me with these?" "Oh no. Not there." "Not like that." "A little deeper." "Just a few more holes . . . "

As usual, I went on and on and you just continued to help me, tired and so over the yard for the day.

You have such patience when it comes to my constant "requests", and for that, I want you to know just how very much I love you.

Sleep well.

Be safe.

I love you.

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