Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Snacks are Served

My 5 year old loves to cook and play "waiter". He had this all ready for us the other day, and my favorite part was my "name tag". Thank you God for wonderful kids and the gift of imagination. Just another reason that I'm counting my blessings today!


Shana said...

That is SO cute! And so is the chalk drawing of you with baby inside! How very precious!

I keep thinking of how I would answer the "brown baby like me" request... that's a tough one. She is so sweet- I think maybe I would say something like, "Well, we don't know what color her skin, eyes, or hair would be- but you will be a wonderful big sister either way..." And then I think I would find some sort of way to make her and the new baby have something extra special in common. I plan to give my baby girl a full Chinese middle name like Sophie Lu- that way they will both share that- :)

Hugs to you & I'll keep you posted!

ccw said...

That is so cute!