Monday, March 17, 2008

What Have We Been Up To?

Tracing ourselves with sidewalk chalk. My middle child had to add the new addition, and "decorate" me with blue and white striped pants, items which I do not own. Again, part of his own reality.
Watching with anticipation as spring approaches. The trees have buds and are ready to blossom. It won't be much longer! My neighbor's tree has finally blossomed with purple, Magnolia, flowers producing a magnificent display. The azaleas and dogwoods aren't too far behind. You can't beat spring in the South.
Making forts with my new furniture. Again, this is a reminder as to why we chose the "cheaper" option instead of the design your own,take out a second mortage, furniture set, which I truly loved but just knew better.
Preparing for battle, Indiana Jones style. The Tae Kwon Do belt serves as Indy's/Jack's whip, and my husband's nice Stetson hat is taking quite a beating. Still, anything to keep everyone happy and having fun, right?
Happy Spring Break Everyone!

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