Saturday, February 02, 2008

How is it . . .

How is it, that something the size of a lentil bean, can make you so
full of energy,
repulsed at the thought of eating your favorite foods,
crazy to get your hands on things you never dreamed of eating prior to now,
full of gas,
able to cry at almost any sappy TV commerical,
and just plain forgetful?


ccw said...

I have always wondered these things because when you have a bean sized embryo pregnancy is often worse than it is when you have a near term baby. Of course, I am ignoring the feet in the ribs thing and the inability to sleep comfortably.

Never mind, every stage has something for me to complain about.

Butterfly Mama said...

I know, it's just pure amazement!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I stumbled on to your blog, as I have many others lately since my dear friend received her referral (finally). I find myself just looking, trying to comprehend the emotional journey. Just wanted to say Congratulations on your newest arrival to be, and Love the blog. Very informative for an over excited "outside" person. MD