Sunday, January 06, 2008

We Have Returned

We just returned from a week's vacation at "The World". We left four days after returning home from Christmas in Virginia, and my head in still spinning. We can finally unpack and get settled after almost two weeks of being here and there.
Once my washing machine is fixed (it broke the day before we left), I've run to the grocery store to stock up before my husband leaves tomorrow for an unexpected five day trip out of town, I've found a sitter for the days that I work while he's gone, I've found out why our heating bill was almost four hundred dollars (it was not $400-worth-of-cold last month), and I've gotten the kids back to school, I'll put up some photos! :) I told my husband what we really need now is a vacation!


ccw said...

I'm glad you all had a fun trip!

$400 heating bill? We paid an obscene amount for our heating oil but the electric bill goes down in the winter months. I would have the heat on 50 and make everyone wear parkas if I had to pay $400.

mama's madness said...

Hey! Been waiting to hear how the trip went! Can't wait to see pics! We thought of you all week and watched the weather forecast...was it cold? How did the kids do? Will you go again ever? So many questions! Call when you can chat and tell me all about it!!!