Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Money May Not Buy Happiness . . .

. . . But at least it could buy the impossible to find anyplace but Ebay Wii.

My oldest announced, after weeks of careful thought, that he wanted a Wii for Christmas. A little pricey, but I figured I'd combine the Toys R Us gift cards that the kids get for Christmas, and take the plunge. Boy. What an idea that's far from reality. I had no idea what is involved in getting a Wii during this time of the year.

The more I descend into the Wii World, the more it bugs me. People buying and reselling just to make money. Couldn't you pick a better time to make some extra cash? Geez. It's Christmas for Pete's sake!

I listened to a store employee brag today about how he purchases a Wii or two from each shipment to sell and make " . . . some BIG money". Nice.

I tried to tell my oldest that this is a popular toy, and that Santa may not have the time to make one for him. "Aww Mom. He's magic, remember? He can do anything!" Ummm, does that include growing money on trees because I'm not about to pay $500+ for one of these things.

On to Plan B. The only problem is that I don't know what that is right now.


ccw said...

We had this problem last year with the Playstation 3. Of course, it was my husband that wanted one over my objections that it was way too expensive. He found one two days after Christmas and bought it without telling me.

This year he wants Rock Band. I had no idea that it was near impossible to find one. I succumbed to eBay and was lucky to get one for not much more than retail with shipping.

I hope you can find a Wii without being gouged. If not, you should be able to find one in January. Maybe your son will beleive that Santa had a backorder and the elves couldn't work fast enough.

Chinamama4 said...

My Hannah asked Santa for a Littlest Pet Shop beagle that she saw on a trading card, but that is no longer being made. Through an e-bay snafu, I STILL don't have one! I am praying the one I bought today will get here in time. I don't think she'll buy the "Santa got sick this week and his Chief Elf (my DH) has been in Minneapolis all week and he's just going to be a little late with the beagle!"