Tuesday, September 04, 2007

How much . . .

TV, computer, Nintendo, etc. do you let your kids play during the week?

I'm trying to find a better balance and I'd like some thoughts!


ccw said...

We have never set limits. Obviously with the little ones this isn't really an issue. As far as Kid L is concerned she wasn't interested in handheld game devices until the last couple of years but she doesn't use them frequently enough for it to be an issue.

The computer is another story. She can't use it until her homework is finished and it has to leave her room at bedtime. On the weekends I am really lenient but during the week an hour a day is about all she gets.

TV is minimal. If she watches any, it is 1 show a night so typically that means 30 minutes.

Rach said...

Okay...I shouldn't even comment, I'm too embarassed to say:) Now, with 3 little one's, its the only way to feed an infant and keep the other 2 pre-occupied!

Amy said...

I feel like my kids watch too much TV, play too much stuff, etc. I never did this stuff when I was a kid and I get the guilties, esp when the latest studies show how watching TV causes all these "problems".
But, when I was growing up, it was safe to take off and ride bikes forever with our parents watching us, go to the park together, etc.