Friday, September 28, 2007

Got junk mail?

From our paper today:
"Each year you gain 41 pounds . . . in junk mail."
62 billion pieces of unsolicited mail are sent annually.
100 million is the number of trees that are required for junk mail.
44% of junk mail gets trashed unopened.

Christmas is coming and I know my mailbox is going to get fat/fatter. Almost everyday I look in my box and think "Wow! Good reading tonight!", and then feel somewhat bummed when it's all junk mail that I trash. So much for cards, letters, and my wonderful magazines. Junk and more junk.

I dropped by this site to slow down/stop some of the credit card and life insurance applications that arrive daily. I've never signed up for one, (Well, I take that back. I did in college and spent summers waiting tables to pay it off) and don't think I ever will. One credit card is all that I'll allow myself for now. Total waste to send applications my way.

Want to slow down the rest of the stuff that fills your box? Visit Consumer Assistance and that should stop a handful of others from sending you all sorts of goodies.

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