Thursday, August 30, 2007

When is Enough Enough?

A Fourth Child.

Something that requires thought and for some, mostly likely me, a mental exam. There are a million reasons why it's not a good "idea". Just a few are below.

1. We are so close to being "there". You know what I mean. Out of diapers!

2. We have been at the other "there" for years and truly enjoy it. The other "there" is the place where you get a full night sleep . . . most of the time.

3. We don't require a separate U-Haul for all the baby stuff when going on vacation. We can finally survive without a pack-and-play as the kids love to sleep on the floor and will not roll/run away when put there!

4. We don't need equipment to move children. They can all walk!

5. Life does not revolve around breastfeeding and nap times.

6. Hubby likes how "things are going. We're in a good place right now".

Why isn't this enough to make these feelings of longing go away?


Adventures In Babywearing said...

My sentiments exactly! I am believing that one day I'll just "know."


ccw said...

My longing has ended until I see a pregnant woman. Babies don't do it to me but the big belly gets me.

I think you'll know when enough really is enough. It took us some time but we both agree that 3 is our limit.

Rach said...

How do you truly know??? I think part of it is not wanting to let go of those early years, of sweet cuddles, and where the world is yet to be still discovered and getting to experience all those firsts. I actually woke up this morning and thought about how our 4 week old is growing up too fast:) I know 4 is too much for us now, but I can't ever just close that door (don't tell hubby), because then what is next in life? Okay...too deep!

Terri said...

I don't know how other people decide but for me the dr has said being pregnant again would be dangerous for the baby. My 3 month old is a miracle. I will be satisfied that the Lord gave me 2 sons and not push it.