Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What a weekend

I'm married to a wonderful man.

Over the weekend, he held down the fort while I spend four days in Michigan at a family reunion. As much as I wanted my family there, I also knew that the 7:00 sit-down dinners spelled disaster. I also knew that this was the chance of a lifetime to talk and catch up with family that I had not seen in years. Children do not find this sort of thing entertaining or enjoyable. "You go and have fun. I'll stay here." The rest was history. You don't have to ask a mother twice.

So off I went, and what a weekend it was! I came home happy, relaxed, but also sad, knowing that it could be years before I saw many of these people again. One of my cousins has cancer, and she gave me a "See ya on the other side, Kid!" when it was time to leave. I know in my heart, and gut, that I'm not going to see her again, and it makes me so darn sad. Where has the time gone that I don't have ten, twenty, thirty, etc. more years with these people?!?!?!?
It's not always going to be easy, (it's so easy to be consumed with just daily life in my family), but I can't go years without seeing my extended family again. What is more important than spending time with family? Sports camp? Swimming lessons? Saving the vacation time for that "other" big trip? I've been too busy and during that time, life has been slipping by.

I love you, Glo', and I'm going to miss you. I'm counting on you to save me a place at the Moehring/Mohn table up in Heaven. Ahh what a place that will be! Never a dull moment indeed! That will be the grandest reunion yet . . . .
You can't beat the Great Lakes! Searching for "treasure" with my sister and cousin.

Time for coffee with my sister! How often does this happen when you have three kids and live six hours apart?

The whole gang! Thank you God for the blessing me with a family that loves one another!


ccw said...

Yeah for kid free time! So glad you were able to make it to the reunion and have some quality time.

Val said...

How cool of reunions aren't that much fun (Doug can attest), and I'm glad you were able enjoy yours without wondering where the kids were every second.

Gorgeous lake shot!!!

Poppy said...

You and your sisters have the ability to change any event into something special, just by your presence.