Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Has It Really Been Two Years?

Shortly after getting Anna, two years ago today, we went back to our hotel where she stared at us, and we did the same. After two years of praying, researching, paperchasing, and trying not to go crazy with impatience, we were staring at our daughter! Rather sureal!

I love this picture for so many reasons, one of them being the little person in the bottom right of the photo. If Dave had had his way, she would have come home with us too! She loved him!

Playing silly games with Daddy. Anna thought it was so funny when Dave would slap his hand on the bed. She would laugh and laugh. Forget the toys that we carried half way around the world! This was all that she wanted to play with. That, and of course, . . . .

the bottle liners!


Anonymous said...

Looking at these early pictues brings back the night you arrived home in Kalamazoo. You guys woke me up to come meet Anna who was rolled out on your bed. Her big brown eyes just took in everything.
You guys were on a China high..Dave could hardly get the stories out fast enough and Anna just quietly took everything in. The trip in the morning to the doctor and taking Anna for her first ice cream. Watching the boys greet their new sister.
Wonderful times. Don't you wonder where that other little girl in the picture is today? Here is Anna today laughing and talking and swimming like a fish. Anna is a blessing for our family. A beautiful reminder of the love and mercy of our almighty God.

Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,

What a sweet sentiment but we are sure glad she came home with us.

Tell anonymous that the little girl's name is Olivia and she is living in Maryland and doing great. Such a joy!

Happy Gotcha Day. Hard to believe it's been two years. Wish we could see you guys again.


Amy said...

Hey Maggie!
Is that really your little Maggie!?!? I'm sorry! There was one little girl that followed Dave around and we've always thought that was her in the photo. She was so cute and just melted our hearts! There were so many people who came out that day. I think the almonds that Su and Mike gave away brought people out from everywhere!
The previous most was my Mom. I'll let her know! :)
Would love to see you all again soon!

ccw said...

She is so beautiful! What a blessing for you all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that is definitely Olivia. I would recognize her sweet face anywhere! She is also wearing a dress that belonged to my older daughter.

I remember that day so well. Olivia had not warmed up to me yet. It was still all about Mark. She was also very comfortable with the rest of the Dads in our group so I am not surprised to see her holding on to Dave's leg.

What wonderful memories!


Val said...

Awwww...TWO YEARS??? We brought our girls home only yesterday! I can't believe how she's grown and changed...they were sooo bitty when we got them, weren't they?