Monday, August 20, 2007

The End Result

We got a call from the Polaris store over the weekend, and the ATV has gone to be scrapped. Whatever was wrong was not worth fixing. My poor hubby. He finally downloaded these photos and told me about his final moments with his ATV. I hate to say it, but I had to laugh.
I guess once he flipped it back up, something was wrong with the gears at that point. Rather than going forward, it began to drive itself backwards, towards the edge of the cliff.
"It was terrible Amy. I tired to reach for it, but I couldn't walk fast enough. All I saw were these sad headlights as it rolled to its death . . . . I felt so sorry for it Amy . . . It was just like . . . Herbie".
That's when I lost it. True, it's not too funny, but picturing this thing running from my husband and plunging to its death "like Herbie" was just a little much for me. The look on my husband's face too. Like a little boy who had just lost his best friend . . .
I still give thanks that my hubby is OK. He is bruised terribly but he is alive. Talk about lucky!

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ccw said...

Glad to hear there is something that can be laughed about in this situation.

Sorry about the ATV but relieved that your husband is ok.