Sunday, June 03, 2007

Free books!

I found out about this today, and I'm all excited!

Barnes and Noble is hosting a summer reading program that will be a piece of cake to enjoy in addition to the library reading program. Visit their site, download the information, and start reading! Once your child has read eight books, you can turn in your sheet for a free book! FREE! I'm more excited than the kids!

And I checked it out. It's not a bargin table special. They state that all children can choose from an "exceptional list" of paperbacks!

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ccw said...

Kid L is doing this and is well on her way to her first free book. She was thrilled to know that she could do it twice.

Since NSBH is too young for the B&N program, we are also doing the one offered by the library. Going to the library has always been a regular summer activity and the prizes just make it more fun.

I have always loved to read and it thrills me that my children always enjoy books. These programs are an added bonus for them but I am certain that there are children who develop a passion for reading because of these programs.