Monday, April 09, 2007

To Top It All Off . . .

Today is Monday, the day after Easter. In Tennessee, today is the final day of rest on our four day weekend. We went to visit family in Virginia and pulled in late last night. It was cold, late, and the kids needed to get in bed. We brought in the essentials and left the extras - ie toys - in the car overnight.

Right before I jumped in the shower, my middle son begged me to get his toys out of the car. Why not? It would keep him occupied and hopefully out of trouble, something he always tends to find while I'm enjoying my five minutes of warm bliss.

Ok. I know this is going to sound nuts. You just have to understand where we live. We have some sort of privacy. The only person who could see me would be our eldery neighbor, who had just sped off the the Y for some morning exercise. The coast was clear.

I ran out to the van in my undies and loooong tank top. It covered my undies . . . for the most part. The neighborhood was asleep, drunk on eggs and chocolate. It was going to be a quick, mad, dash.

Except that the toys had rolled under the seat, so I needed more time than I thought. I crawled in and began to dig around with furry.

I did not see the van pull up.

Today was Anna's speech therapy, and her teacher decided to come early.

I can now honestly say that I have been caught with my pants down. Or maybe I should just say missing . . .

I don't know who is more traumatized, myself or Anna's teacher.

I don't think she'll come early again.


Trisha said...

Drunk on eggs and chocolate- that line cracked me up! All I can say is, at least your tank top was loooonnnggg!!

Heidi said...

Oh my are brave!!! Great post!!! Thanks for the giggle!

Val said...

Yeah, if your kids wouldn't be so "lazy and spoiled," you'd still have your dignity intact. See how this snowballs??? Naked boys and toasters, and soon their mom's flashing the neighborhood.

;o) There never is a dull moment there, is there. :o)

Wonder if your blog troll will chime in soon on this latest event. ROTFL
Love the "drunk on chocolate & eggs." Thanks for the laugh!

Amy said...

The blog troll did come back Val, but I refuse to give him/her the time of day.
Just don't get why people need to be mean and critical . . .

Quigg said...

Dang, we have boring neighbors here in Roanoke.

Dave I hope you can sneak home early one day - RUFF RUFF!!