Monday, April 30, 2007

A P.S. To My Previous Post

What puts a personal twist on the blog that I posted about yesterday is that this little girl was/is from my daughter's SWI in Guangxi. I could follow her China journey in my mind because we stayed at the same hotel, received our children in the same hotel,etc. The director that we thought was so kind and loving is portrayed in a manner that turns my stomach. Anna, too, was in foster care for the last two months of her stay in Guangxi.

What horrific things did my daughter endure that I do not know about? The director who smiled and held Anna; was she being genuine or was our $3000 burning a hole in her pocket? The "what ifs" can make you mad and just plain nauseated.

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ccw said...

I am so sorry that you have to worry and wonder about such things.

A family friend has two children from Russia and the neglect the endured at then hands of their parents and then at an antiquated orphanage is upsetting.

Just keep in mind that every day you provide a wonderful and loving home for Anna.