Friday, March 09, 2007

I Won't Give In!

I refuse to let this deployment control our family. With all the planning, rumors, and speculation, a depressing cloud can hang over the house. I lived with one for over a year before his first deployment, and it was emotionally draining. It took away from the little and big things in life that we should have been enjoying. I won't let it do this again.

Yesterday was a great day. Spring is here, and we played outside and made all sorts of neat pictures. Here is Jack's fuzzy zebra with a moustache. Can you find a better deal than Walmart's bucket of sidewalk chalk for 88 cents?

Last night we had a special night out with our oldest. He was up for an award for the county wide photography contest. During the evening, the phone rang and it was my hubby's Colonel. Things are once again changing, and not for the better. Still, I refused to let it ruin our perfect evening. When they called my son's name for first place, nothing was going to rob me of enjoying his smile and pride for a job well done.

We are going to loose a year or more to this war. I will not give it more time than I need to!


Sarah said...

David looks so proud. I love it! He has grown a lot since Christmas. He is a tall boy!

Heidi said...

You all look so happy together! You'll be in my prayers for the road ahead.