Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Poor Neighbor

I found out on Thursday that my poor neighbor spent four hours in the ER, and then was admitted to the ICU. Chlorine gas continues to burn once it's inhaled for "awhile", and her lungs are damaged. She cannot come off oxygen, and her husband tells me that they are not sure what to expect at this point. Her eye, which we knew was burned on Wednesday, has not improved. As with everything else, they just have to wait and see what happens over time.

My kids and I are so lucky. I stood there with her for what seemed like forever, trying to catch my breath and praying that we both did not pass out. As I washed off her face, I kept thinking "Don't touch this Amy!!" but what can you do when someone is screaming and begging for you to help them? Run out of the room with your hand over your mouth, giving them a thumbs up and hollering "Good Luck! We're outside if you need anything else!"

Hindsight is 20/20. I should have taken her from the kitchen into our bathroom, closed all the doors, turned on the fan, and had her shower off. Having her in such an open space where she flung off her clothes, sprayed herself, etc., really let the gas and particles escape throughout the house. Even with all the open windows my hubby could still smell the gas when he got home.

My throat and nose burned and swelled for two days, nothing that pain and "anti-swelling" meds could not help. We are just so lucky. I guess it's similar to when you are holding a child who is vomiting. You are sure you are going to get sick, but most of the time you don't. Those who protect seem to have a God given protection themselves!

What is really concerning is how this happened. It's fairly certain items were tampered with, and this lead to the explosion. I thought about posting the details, but you and I both know someone could read this and think "Wow! That's a great idea!" Sad, huh? Was this done intentionally with her injury being the desired outcome? Honestly, the whole thing gives me the willies, and has me double checking all the windows and doors at night. What is wrong with some people!?!??!


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Oh my goodness. I am reading your last posts- I am so glad you are ok and I pray your neighbor is alright. That is SO scary!

ccw said...

Oh my! That is so, so scary.

I am relieved that your family is ok. I am so sorry about your neighbor. I hope that she improves.

Avery said...


I accidently shut down a comercial kitchen when I mixed up a batch of mustard gas with a certain combo,

then my buddy burned down half his house with a chemical fire when he forgot to cover teh dry bleach for the pool and a contaner on the shelf above it fell and dumped into it. The phosphorous fire that ensured burned a 4 foot hole through the concrete floor.

praying for the neighbor, glad you guys are ok

Heidi said...

WOW, I'd glad that you all were protected God is amazing. I pray for your neighbor.

It's so sad that people have to hurt others or "pull pranks" or whatever. I hope that all works out.