Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Day Three in China

I love reading their updates. It's so good, and very reassuring, to hear that she is doing so well. She sounds like such a wonderful little girl. It's sad too to think that we are missing out on having such a wonderful addition to our family. But that's where faith comes in and the reassurance that He ment for Mackenzie to join their family, not ours'. Enjoy!

Right now she has every single clip I brought in her very short hair. She has put a band in the baby's hair as well as in the mane and tail of her My Little Pony. She is also wearing a necklace and has put chapstick on no less than 3 times. We put a Barney on for a few minutes and she began to sing with all of the songs - many words in English. This child has an amazingly beautiful voice. She sings very in tune with every song. She follows the ups and down in dynamics and literally hits every note. It is beautiful to listen to.As we were waiting for the taxi I made up a tune and just sang the words "Cong Cong I love you!" twice and ended it with a kiss. She picked it up and insisted we sing it over and over until we finally caught a taxi. She also began giving me hugs and kisses tonight. She will only kiss Baba's hand right now. I think it's the goatee ... we will see if she will get past that. Tomorrow Glen will visit the orphanage. We feel like it would be too traumatic for Kenzie so she and I will stay back and play in the hotel room and go to the garden and watch the fish which she loves.It is that time. Bedtime for Kenzie. I am praying that tonight might be a little better. Thanks for all of the prayers!We love and miss you all and cannot wait to get home!Glen, Tammy & Kenzie.

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Jessica said...

This is so exciting! I'm still so happy for you guys!