Wednesday, December 20, 2006

"Can We Go to the North Pole, Mommy?"

My kids are watching the Polar Express again. As the hustle, bustle, and excitement of Christmas grows, they are besides themselves with joy and anticipation. "How many more days, Mommy!?!?" They have requested this movie almost everyday, and want to know "Is that what Santa is doing right now?" My middle child wants to visit the North Pole desperately. I love it!

In a way, this movie makes me a little sad. The joy and excitement that Santa brings. It's priceless and it's one of the best feelings I had as a child. We worked so hard making our lists, making cookies for Santa, putting out carrots for his reindeer, listening for the sounds of hoofs (my dad with a broom) on the roof, etc.

I remember the day my mom told me there was no Tooth Fairy. I had caught her in "the act" and wanted an explanation. I remember the moment clearly. We were in the bathroom and she was brushing my hair, getting me ready for school. It didn't take it long to put it all together.

"Are you the Easter Bunny too?"

"Ummm yes". My heart sank. That only meant one thing.


She only nodded.

I was truly sad to know the truth. For some people, it's not a big deal, but for me, it was.

I know the true meaning of Christmas, and that celebrating the birth of Christ is most important during this time. But, I also remember what my kids are feeling, and I miss that. Am I nuts for feeling this way?


New Mama's Nest said...

No you're not crazy! Seeing this Christmas through Xavier's eyes is making me feel the same way!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and please feel free to link!

Jessica said...

You're not crazy at all!! I can't wait till Joey gets excited about santa too!

Sharon said...

Absolultely NOT! Have you read the article "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus" lately? The author explains how it is the spirit of Christmas. It's so magical. Santa represents that spirit.
I wasn't devastated when I learned the truth. Sad, but with younger kids around, it became magical creating the magic for them. :)

I think it's wonderful you can experience the magic along withb your kids.

Amy said...

I just read the article today. It's great!
I love doing this for my kids. When David was little my hubby borrowed a Santa costume and I got him on tape "coming into the house". It was great. We also ring bells outside the kids windows and they go nuts. It's great.

Rach said...

Ahh, I totally understand where you're coming from. I remember those days when all the innocence and giddiness for the holiday season. What happens to us when we become adults, too much obligation to do it all I guess, bills to pay, shopping to do...and forgetting to stop and live in the moment of the season.