Friday, November 03, 2006

Is It Just Me . . .

GUILTY! Caught eating yet another piece of candy!
Is it just me or has the amount of candy kids get during Halloween gone up by about 100% since the time we were kids!?!?
Last year was the first year my kids truly got the Halloween thing. While I stayed home with Anna, Dave and the boys made their rounds in our neighborhood. They went to 15 or so homes and came home with an obscene amount of candy. Their buckets were filled, and my husband had to carry their excess in his pockets. Military cargo pockets none the less! I was floored, but enjoyed a nightly chocolate snack for months. Come on . . . Who doesn't sneak a bite here or there?

Similar situation this year, but after 30 mins of trick-or-treating thunderstorms blew into town. Were the kids sad? Naww . . . Their buckets were already filled!

Man! To be so lucky when I was a kid. We would get ONE piece of candy per home, and so often these "treats" were benefical to us in one way or another: a pencil, penny, apple, box of raisins, etc. Then the whole "razor blade in apples" fear became the rage, and bagged candy became "it".

If it wasn't for the assistance of their parents, my boys would have candy from now until Easter, when the stash is somewhat replenished. As much as I enjoy the holidays and seeing my kids' happy faces, the daily whining associated with "Can't I just have one more piece pleeeeeeease?" gets to be old pretty quickly. My favorite is when the begging starts first thing in the morning before breakfast.

How do you control the tidal wave of junk that starts to pour in this time of year? I'd love to know . . .


Amy said...

It was easy to control for a 2-year-old, but probably won't be so easy next year. We trick-or-treated in the university dorms this year. There are 3 dorms. While in the first one, we looked at her bag and saw that she had enough candy for a week or so, and then just left! She didn't know the difference. Unfortunately, next year she will...Then at the church carnival, there were just as many small-toy prizes as there were candy. I was pleased. Then on Halloween, my husband took her to only 2 houses. She got the experience and had no clue that all the other kids in the neighborhood got much more candy. I must revel in this now--next year we can't outfox her anymore.

amy said...

Those are great pics..Looks like they had a great time