Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I Have a Boo-Boo Too!

My boys have had their fair share of cuts and scraps lately. Getting hurt is followed by TLC and most importantly, a Band-Aid. Anna, always wanting to be in on things, has been finding my band-aid stash and applying her own in search of some extra boo-boo TLC. This definitely gets everyone's attention. My neighbor asked "Did she have a nose job?"


Rach said...

Ahhhh, I liked her nose the way it was:)

Amy said...

Too cute!
We can't use band-aids on Martina. She will take them right off, and then move them to another part of her body. Then she'll repeat that action until the stickiness is gone.
Thanks for the cute picture!

Tishia said...

aww that's cute!