Monday, October 23, 2006

A Weekend Outdoors

We went to Cades Cove this weekend, a beautiful place to visit in the Smokey Mountains. The leaves were at their peak and the weather perfect. This is also a great place to see wildlife. We were able to see bear, turkeys, and deer.

The boys were playing when they spotted Bambi behind them. David was quiet and watched him closely. Three other people came over with their big, fancy cameras to take pictures. Jack on the other hand . . . .

decided that he wanted to ride the deer and went running after him, waving pines branches so the "deer will see me and not be scared". David tackled him in an effort to keep him quiet. Of course, it didn't work and the deer ran off, along with the bummed photographers. "Hey! Whose noisy, obnoxious kids are those?" I wanted to ask. Ahh the wonders of kids and nature. Not the quietest combination! Especially mine!

Whoever pities Anna for a second has no clue that she is one tough cookie. She is quick to jump in whenever there is something going on!

The boys are wonderful with Anna. One of our concerns was how the boys would bond with an adopted sibling. We have never had any issues! It's been awesome to watch the three of them grow together.

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Heidi said...

How beautiful and what fun! I love that he wanted the deer to see him and not be cute.