Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Free Shipping!

I have a looooooong torso. This tends to be a problem only when I look for two things: a bathing suit and shirts. With the invention of the tankini, I think I'm going to be OK in the bathing suit department. Shirts are still a problem if I'm looking for something that will stay tucked in after a few washes.

Eddie Bauer is the only place I have found that sells shirts in a tall. I tend to avoid them like the plague because not only are they expensive, but their shipping is out of this world. Sometimes it's free, but you have to buy $500.00 worth of clothes to get the discount.

Except for the next two days! Buy however much you like, and the shipping is free. Add this to their fall sale and you've got some nice deals.

SHIPPING is the promotion code. Enjoy!


Sarah said...

Eddie Bauer 20% off enter code "20HOLRES" online or "414" if you order by phone.

Chinamama4 said...

Be still my heart! Thanks for the tips, Ladies! I haven't been shopping for myself since... well, I don't remember when!

Amy said...

Thanks for the tip!
I too have a long torso, and I found that swimsuits by a company called Longitudes fit me. Amazon had some online. I bought my last one in a store--maybe SteinMart? It's been a few years.