Thursday, September 21, 2006

You've Come A Long Way Baby!

Anna's birthday last year . . . .

Anna had to develop a taste for sweets. Here is her first bite of cake, her birthday cake.

Well, it hasn't taken long for her to develop quite a sweet tooth! She loved her birthday cupcakes!

I can't believe that Anna is now two years old. Maybe it's because she is one of three, we brought her home at one year of age, etc., but the time has just flown by. She's gone from a baby to a big girl so quickly. Looking back I wish I could turn back the clock for just a brief time to enjoy that "baby stage" again. I think most of us Mommies wish we could visit the baby days again!

One thing is very different for me when we celebrate Anna's birthday. I can't help but to wonder if her birth parents are thinking of her too. While we are celebrating, I wonder if someone, half way around the world, is celebrating as well. Celebrating the life they gave their daughter. Celebrating the future birthdays that she will have because of their sacrifices. I think of her mother's pain and grief on this day as well. What should have been a joyous day was clouded by the statement "It's a Girl". The next few days would have been filled with heartache as she nursed this little girl and agonized over what to do.

I know there are those out there who do not feel that these mothers truly love their children. "A mother who loves her child wouldn't do that to her!" I truly believe, and feel that it's in our family's best interests as well, to believe that her mother did love her very much. She loved her enough to make an amazing sacrifice, risking so much for such an incredible gain. Anna gained life and a forever family. Most importantly, she is gaining the knowledge of the love of her Heavenly Father. Oh and how could I forget? She is gaining quite a love for birthday cake and frosting . . . :)

Adoptive parents out there. What are birthdays like for you? Can you relate at all to my feelings? I'd love to know!


Rach said...

What a beauty! I can't believe she's 2!

Michelle said...

That was very touching. It's so great that you and your family opened your hearts and home to her and that she is such a wonderful blessing to your family.