Monday, September 11, 2006

We Will Have a Birthday Girl Soon

Anna will be two in a few weeks, and we figured it was time to give her something to play with besides monster trucks, Hot Wheels, etc. For Christmas, her PaPa Jim gave her a baby stroller, and she pushes her Puffalump all over the house in it. Rather than the Puffalump, I thought I'd look into getting her a doll.
Soooo . . . I'm looking to mothers of little girls for some help. Any suggestions? There are some pretty amazing choices out there! Pricey too! Take this cute little thing. $150.00 and she does nothing but smile. For that price, she won't be going for a ride in the stroller! She'll be sitting on a shelf!
So then I found this little one who did more "stuff" but was still a pretty penny. "Joy Comes Home" will have to wait!

Then I found this thing! It pees and poops! Is that something little girls are into!?!? I do remember having a doll whose hair I brushed, put make-up on, tried to bend her plastic arms and legs into clothes, etc, but that was it. Nothing in and nothing out! I guess that is what happens when technology advances!
I'd love some help. Any ideas as to a good baby for my baby?


Rach said...

Hey there, I can't believe they've turned "2". My mom (a/k/a Nonna) gave Greta a cabbage patch kid for Christmas last year named "Greta". The only thing is, she still hasn't gotten into it as much as her stuffed puppy. Good luck shopping!

Val said...

FP makes some floppy dolls.

Sophie carries hers everywhere. It's not that cute, but it's a ton cheaper than the ones they can't even play with!

Amy said...

Hi Amy!
Last year, for my shower, my mom got me Corolle's Calin Yang to give to Martina. We waited until this past spring to give it to her, as she wanted nothing to do with dolls and animals at first. She loves it. Here is a website:

Other places sell it too. It's also available in upscale toy stores (which we have none of around here...I get to shop at Big Lots or Wal-Mart!). My mom got her a stroller in June, and for her birthday next month we are getting her the little baby carrier (Disney princess brand at Big Lots). My sister got her the feeding set and she plays with it all the time. Good luck!

Chinamama4 said...

Amy, some little girls just never get into baby dolls! Our first two girls were always more into animals. Finally, our third (Abbie) loves "babies". She has an American Girl Bitty Baby (Asian) and also one of the Corolle Calin Yang babies (we got ours from either Asia For Kids or China Sprout - I forget which). The Bitty Baby was pricey, but a gift. It's a little big for her to carry around (she's only 2 and petite). The Calin Yang is perfect size and was about $35 if I recall correctly. But you wanna know the one she loves the most? It's a cheap $3 baby from Target that someone gave our oldest and was never played with! "Baby" is getting really grubby, but she is loved the most and carried everywhere!