Monday, September 18, 2006

Last To Know?

I very well could be the last to know, but Amazon is now selling all sorts of groceries! What excites me even more is that if you spend over $25, you get free shipping.
Consumer Reports gave me the heads up. I love this magazine. It points me in the right direction with all the choices out there. They stated that not all things are necessarily a great deal, but for things like formula and diapers, you will save. Some of the items are large and in bulk, like Costco and Sams but without the membership fee.
I took a peek and diapers are cheaper. I will probably get our TP here too. I shop at Super Walmart so most of the things I buy are as cheap as you can get. I don't see Amazon drastically changing our grocery bill. I do like to buy certain things in bulk, however, and our Sams Club is a haul. It will save time and a few dollars here and there.
Have you found a great way to save on your groceries? I'd love to know!

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mamasmadness said...

Sharp Shopper...boohoo