Friday, July 28, 2006

How Quickly We Forget

I feel like I am surrounded by war. It's not enough that it's on the TV, on the front page of the paper, the opening to my AOL, etc., but it's crept into my world of relaxation. I'm reading "Lizzie's War" at the recommendation of my mother. What a great book with a heartbreaking story. It's set during the Vietnam War, and opens with Captain Mike sorting through body bags to send home. During his "routine work", he comes across the "teeth, hair, and eyeballs" of his best friend. Sums up the brutality of war pretty well. The book continues with his family at home and what life is like without dad. Good read.

This book is causing quite an emotional commotion for me as Dave is looking at deployment in the near future. I pray that you will never have such a conversation with your spouse. The vacation you thought was too expensive will cost pennies. It's a vacation you may never take if you don't do it now. "I don't want another man raising my children". How do you answer that one? The possibility of death is what we agreed to when we signed up, but it doesn't make it easier to accept. "I just hope when I come back we aren't two different people, and we will still love each other." How can a person spend a year or more in conflict and not come back changed forever? "I'm just going to miss you all so much I don't know how I will stand it". Again, how do you answer that?

I was swimming at my parent's country club pool last night, watching people enjoy the evening BBQ, dancing, games, and beautiful weather. I felt out of place as I read "Lizzie's War", and absorbed her thoughts on life during wartime. I can relate to many of her feelings as we are working through many of the same things. Big issues while people enjoy the luxury of a country club membership. Somehow it doesn't seem fair while we have men at war, families separated, and people suffering over the loss of a loved one. It's so easy to forget!

This morning I checked my email, and this was waiting for me. It's a beautiful tribute to military families, and I hope you have two minutes to watch, remember, and pray for an end to this mess.


Rach said...

Awww...I'm so sorry what you are going through, living each day not knowing if you're husband is going to be deployed soon. I pray that Dave, if deployed, goes somewhere without a lot of conflict and for a short period of time. The love between you two will make it through anything, have faith in that.

Val said...

I so appreciate your sacrifices. There's nothing that we can say or do that conveys that enough. Hugs...