Sunday, June 18, 2006

I Finally Found Our UPB Cord . . .

Saying good-bye to Michigan was hard! We had our neighbor snap a picture of us outside our home before we dashed off in the UHaul. I am sure this will be just one of many in our "previous homes" collection. We were truly blessed to have found such a great house. It had plenty of space, great neighbors, wonderful location, etc. It's going to be a challenge to find something just as nice in Tennessee!
Many of you know what a challenge our yard was. Can you believe how great things turned out!?!? A year ago we had little to no grass, no trees, shrubs, etc. I was planning to set the whole yard on fire out of frustration after thunderstorms washed away the grass seed many times, rabbits and deer devoured our plants, and my kids picked whatever flowers I would plant. We finally found a cheap place that sold sod and splurged. We are proud of how things turned out!
We spent our first night in Columbus, Ohio at a Holiday Inn, which has been recently added the Fort Rapids water park. This place was great. HUGE! I would encourage anyone to visit if they are in the area. Not only is the facility nice and clean, but the staff is wonderful. We put them to the test when David threw up in his bed after having had too much pool water to drink! They came to the door with fresh sheets and a big smile. Talk about the true test of hospitality!
That platform leads to 12 different slides, most of which go outside the building! There was a really neat one, which David described as a giant toilet. A more accurate description would be a funnel.
Even Anna had a great time. Behind me was a large wading area for younger kids. Within the wading area there were swings like Johnny-Jump-Ups, three small slides, basketball hoops, and animals to "ride". Jack spent more time here with Anna than in the other areas.

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