Saturday, June 10, 2006

The Eagles Have Landed

Well, we have landed in Virginia! On Thursday we locked our door for the last time and hit the road five hours behind schedule! No surprise there. We stayed at an amazing hotel in Columbus, Ohio our first night, and I would recommend you visit if in the area. It's new and therefore still "cheap" to stay. It's one of those indoor water parks that connects to the hotel. It's called Fort Rapids, and truly is a resort; wonderful, clean rooms, restaurant that has good food, an arcade with too many games, and a huge water park with 12 water slides, two kiddie areas, etc. I've got pics to post when I can find our camera.

We are staying with my parents until we buy a home in Tennessee. We are giving our home in Michigan a few more weeks to sell in hopes of avoiding having to pay two mortgages. We are having an open house tomorrow, and we are praying for good news.

I've gotten emails and phone calls from friends, and I will return them as soon as things settle. We got in late last night, and things are still nuts. Thanks to all for your love, support, and patience!

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