Saturday, May 20, 2006

Two of the stars of the party.
We don't do too much painting, for obvious reasons, so this was a treat for my boys as well!
Finally it's Jack turn to have Happy Birthday sung to him! He's been waiting patiently for 364 days!
Jack had one big wish for his birthday. One my way down the steps he caught a glimpse of the box. Could it really be . . . .?
Yes! It was his dream guitar! Dave got this great shot of Jack performing. I love his heel up, hip out, etc. He loves to perform and already has such a great "stage presence"! He's so funny!
Jack's other favorite gift was a bubble mower. He loves to "mow" with Dave or myself. He's out there now, mowing in the yard with Dave.
My sister sent a dress up costume for Jack. Someone else has been enjoying just as much, if not more!


Shannon said...

Happy Birthday to Jack (aka little blond Elvis). I'm very impressed with the cake! You've got some hidden pastry talents. And, the shot of the two of you together is adorable.


Rach said...

Jack's got that Elivs pose! Awesome cake, how did you learn to make that?

Celestino. said...

Only two words came to mind, after seeing that cake: "Intelligent Baker".

Quigg said...

Amy and Dave:

Who taught that boy those "sinful" hip moves! You know on the Ed Sullivan Show, Elvis could only be pictured from the waist up on TV. Ha! Ha!

Actually the kid has some serious groove thing moves!



Quigg said...

Oh yeah baby! Nice moves JACK you wild man. Unlce Quigg has a real black Elvis suit waiting on you!