Thursday, May 25, 2006

A Thursday in May

Dave called me this morning all excited. "You have to bring the boys up here!" David was in school so I threw the younger two in the van and off we went. There was a Navy helicopter at the airport that had to stop for a few because of bad weather. They are from Virginia, which is where we lived for many years, and our most of our family remains in the state. Jack loved the tour of the helicopter, but unfortunately he misunderstood the purpose of the visit. He thought he was going for a flight . . . a flight back to Virginia.
Poor Jack. This was taken about the time he realized that the helicopter was going back to VA without him. He overheard them talking with Dave about their plans to leave for Norfolk, Virginia in a "few minutes", and Jack thought that included him! He thought he was on his way to PaPa and Nanny's house! Whoops.
Anna is growing up too fast! We all love to snuggle and baby her as much as we can, especially our boys who are very protective of their little sister.
We took this the other night. It's terrible quality, but you can see that the kids were having a great time. It's times like these that Dave and I often comment on how perfect Anna is for our family. It's amazing to think that with the thousands of children in China who need families, we wound up with such a perfect match. My friend calls it a God thing. I would have to agree!

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