Friday, May 12, 2006

Revenge of Chuckie

No Visa, no problem. I figured tonight would best be spent with Chuckie. After two straight days of cold and rain, we had to get out! My kids love him, they crash as soon as we walk through the door, and they take debit cards. So off we went.

Two hours later, we headed back to the van. I did a little cheer in my head when I realized I could have everyone in bed by 7:15 at the rate we were moving. Quiet night at home. Happy Mother's Day after all! In honor of me and an early bedtime in the future, we stopped and got our favorite ice cream. Not only did they have my favorite flavor today, but David's as well. Could things get any better?

So we're toolin' done the road jammin' to some good ol' 80's tune when I hear "David, did you just spill your drink?" Hmmmm . . . That makes no sense. David left his drink at Chuckie's place. So what just splashed everywhere? Oh no. That must mean . . .

SCREAM from the back seat. "I THREW UP EVERYWHERE!!!!"

Panic sets in throughout the van. Anna is screaming because I'm not longer feeding her ice cream. Jack is screaming "It stinks in here! My nose is going to blow up!" David is sceaming because he is covered in ice cream, pizza, and here comes the best part. A whole box of Girl Scout Cookies.

"I knew I shouldn't have eaten that whole box of cookies" he is wailing as we race home. "PLEEEEEAAASSSEEE go faster".

So there we were. I'm racing home, praying there is no police officer to pull me over. I'm trying to figure out where to start with the clean up. I can see him in the mirror and it's a crime scene. Pineapple is stuck to the side of his face. So much for my love for Hawaiian pizza. Most importantly, I'm trying to figure how my son managed to eat a whole box of cookies without me knowing!!! It must have been those 30 mins when I was so happy that he was "playing Legos in his room".

So we get home and I start the clean up process. What is somewhat funny is that my neighbors who saw me fertilizing yesterday are now watching me with the hose. Our next door neighbors are having a slumber party for one of their daughter's, and guests were arriving throughout my ordeal. I'm squirting off the car seat, car mats, clothes, etc. and they are just staring as they walk towards the door. My neighbor and the guests look at each other, than me, and back at each other like "she is completely gone". I'm going to have to explain myself tomorrow or CPS may pay me a visit.

So this is where I need help. We have cloth seats in our van, and I cannot get this vomit out. If you have any tricks, secrets, etc. please help. I worked for 30 minutes tonight and there seems to be little change. And I was worried this would not be a memorable Mother's Day Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Try oxyclean diluted in warm water to get the stain out. It may not help with the smell. I also love spot shot. It takes anything out. Co Co recommends leaving the windows down as long as possible. Love, Ca Ca

Dunn Family said...

Although it was an entertaining story..I know it is probably a nightmare! Try using "Kids & Pets Brand Stain & Odor Remover" by: Paramount Chemical Specialties, Inc.
I don't like the smell but it is much better than vomit or pee! It is OK if you just use it for the areas where the vomit is..not the whole car!
Good luck!
(OH and hide the Girl Scout cookies!)