Saturday, May 27, 2006

Our Own Redneck Yacht Club!

On Monday, we had a frost warning, and I sent David to school in his winter coat. Today, six days later, we reached 94 degrees. That called for a celebration! So off I went to Walmart and I returned with this plastic beauty and popsicles. What else do you need!?!?

"Brrrr . . . This is a little cold Mommy!"

"Hey! This is no fun by myself! Where are my brothers!?!?" This is a great shot of Anna and her pony tail, or "hair brains" as Jack likes to call them. It's a constant effort to keep them in as she likes to puuuullll them out as soon as I get them in.

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Christi said...

I love your blog and the beautiful pictures of your family. Thank you for praying for those of us who wait.