Sunday, May 14, 2006

Cupcakes for Jack

Jack was so excited to finally make something for his birthday. We made cupcakes for his preschool last week, and next weekend I am tackling the party. Why do my boys love Shrek? Because he tooties (when did I start calling it tooty!?!?!?) and burps throughout his movies! I do have to admit, the movies are pretty funny . . .

Jack came downstairs all dressed for his party in PJ pants. "So I can do my tricks better". Ummmmm . . . no.
Yummy! I made more than enough, so each child had two large servings of sugar! While Jack was celebrating, Anna flocked over to the girls who were hanging out on the sofas and playing babies. She grabbed a brush and started to do her hair! Awwwww . . . makes me want to have another daughter.

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Anonymous said...

Did David take the picture of you and Jack? From Ca Ca and Co Co