Saturday, April 15, 2006

Time to dye eggs!
"Look how many I got!" We had an Easter egg hunt at our church this morning. The boys found quite a stash and were so proud of their eggs.
We started to open the eggs so we could take home just the candy. Anna was looking into her bucket of eggs that were already open (I thought they would make her happy!) and realizing something was wrong.
"What that is it!?!? I only get one!!! Where is the rest of my candy!?!"
"This is not fair! I want more candy!"
"Cheeeeese!" Jack takes a break with Nanny and Papa. Hunting for eggs in hard work!
Anna has no fear.
"You think I could climb!?! Watch this Daddy!"
Enjoying Papa's Evian while the men fish.
We had a beautiful day, but the fish were not biting. Still, it has been great to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. We've had weather in the 70s and 80s!
Feeding the fish leftover hamburger buns.
"I've got you Jack!" Anna is not one for dollies and tea parties.
"Please give it back Jack! I won't shoot you again!"

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