Monday, April 17, 2006

Getting everything ready for the Easter Bunny. I thought we'd do pails this year that can double as a bucket for the sandbox. Not very sentimental, but the boys loved it!
"Look what I got David! Grrr . . . a shark matchbox car!"
Check out my bubble!
Nanny smiling back at Anna. Sorry Mom!
"Ok Mom. Nice book but I really want what is in this egg."
"I'm out of here. This lady is no help at all!"
"I bet my Daddy will help me!"
"Thank you Daddy! I'll even share with you!"
David is getting so big!
My first time putting someone in an Easter dress. It didn't stay clean long though. Anna got into her bubbles that the Bunny brought and she was a mess!
"I'm so big now!" We are entering the twos. Anna wants to do everything her brothers do. This means sitting on the bench rather than her booster seat for meals. She decided today she will no longer go in her baby swing but wants the "big" swing no matter how hard it is to hold on. Boy is she ever determined!
Right up next to David which is where she loves to be!


Quigg said...

Dang your kids are beautiful!!


Rach said...

How they change so quickly! I love them all sitting together on the bench, how beautiful!